Mission Statement

Blue Giraffe Productions will satisfy a need within the family video and film market for quality products with superior production values and talent. 

Our feature material will be selected based on its ability to foster imagination while encouraging the education of children. Initially, we will work within the direct-to-video market and then branch out into feature films for release theatrically.

We will produce two features annually for the next five years. The crew and talent will undergo minimal turnover in order to maintain a streamlined, cohesive production group. We are committed to attracting and retaining the best people for each position, and realize they are one of our most valuable assets.

Concern for positive role models and education are paramount in the Blue Giraffe way of thinking. Dependable quality and assurance that each product is produced for family viewing will make Blue Giraffe a brand name to be trusted.

Our goal is to make families who purchase Blue Giraffe products happier, more creative, better educated and more successful than those families who do not.

Blue Giraffe Productions is committed to planned profitability. With our video and film properties, we plan to grow business in areas such as licensing, publishing, and the development of interactive products as well as the Internet. We will exercise prudent spending and use the most cost effective approach to quality production.


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