Episode #2

If you had the gift of magic you could teach the school bully a thing or two, get back at the girl who took your lunch money or a pass a test you weren't prepared for or maybe transform into an animal simply by switching the letters in your name.

Now that the Scouts have magic powers you'll want to see all the trouble they get into at school . Of course their misuse of their powers doesn't come without consequences causing Myrtle's powers to weaken. In steps Twinkleflash forcing her to cast the spell of the Freakish Jumble which traps Myrtle and the Scouts in their animal forms forever! The Magic Power Scouts will have to work together to break the spell. See them battle the Evil Vines, fall down a secret passageway and meet their guide Skully, a chattering skull on a stick. So join the Scouts for more magic, more songs and more laughter as they venture beneath the Enchanted World. Heave - ho - here we go! "Magic Power Scouts: Next Adventure!"



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